Partner, With Us!

We cordially invite designers, brands, and institutes, to join us in our pursuit of creating sustainable and responsible fashion.

Going green is the trend for the future. More and more consumers are now demanding “slow-made” and “responsible” fashion. There is no doubt in the fact that all of us need to come together and utilize the synergy to develop and create sustainable clothing options.

We wholeheartedly welcome all fashion designers, brands, and educational institutions to join hands with us and work with our eco-friendly, artisanal denim fabric, which is genuinely hand-produced, without using any electrically operated machines, and without using any hazardous chemicals, in the process.

Let’s Do It Together!

We strongly believe that collaborations help protect and enhance relationships as it enables sharing of costs and use of facilities, filling gaps in skills and using the foundations of an existing established organization to push the ideas through and gain exposure.

Designers & Brands

We are more than willing to walk the extra mile, for you, and for all those designers and brands, who are concerned about the environment and society.

We invite you to be a part of this socially responsible initiative, if you wish to contribute your bit by using eco-friendly, hand-produced denim fabric for your signature collections.

By collaborating with us, you can be sure that you will receive the best prices, the best service, and continued support.


We eagerly look forward to engaging with educational institutes running courses in design, apparel and fashion, through their faculty and students.

Together with the institutes, we organize events and activities which help them in becoming more conversant with the strongly adverse impact of fast-fashion on the environment, and also go a long way in enabling them to understand the various wise and intelligent options that are available to us for reducing this impact.

Benefits of Collaboration

Designers & Brands

  • Priority in New Product Development
  • Priority in Order Fulfillment
  • Co-branding Options
  • Discounted Rates for Sample Development
  • Special Discounted Rates for Fabric
  • Access to marketing collateral, visuals of production process
  • Promotions in Trade Shows in which Denim Club participates
  • Promotion on our portal / social media


  • Customized Workshops at Campus
  • Course Design & Curriculum Development
  • Training & Internships
  • Direct Connect with Designers & Merchandisers
  • Fabric & Stitching Support for Live Projects
  • Guidance for Job Placements
  • Hand-holding and guidance to students interested in launching their own collections

Get Started Now!!!

Get in touch with us, right away, and share your vision.

Write to us at, or fill in the online contact request form on the CONTACT page.

We will try our best to make your dreams come true.

If You Can't Find the Eco-denim You Are Looking For, HERE ... You Will NOT FIND It Anywhere on Planet earth!

Eco-friendly Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

Fabric Collection

Natural Indigo

Up-cycled Veg. Dyes

Product Categories

Khadi Denim

(Hand-spun Yarn, Woven on Handlooms)

Light Weight [5-6 Oz / 170-200 GSM]
Medium Weight [6-10 Oz / 200-340 GSM]
Heavy Weight [10-11 Oz / 340-370 GSM]

Handloom Denim

(Mill-spun Yarn, Woven on Handlooms)

Light Weight [4.5-5 Oz / 150-180 GSM]
Medium Weight [6-10 Oz / 200-340 GSM]
Heavy Weight [10-11 Oz / 340-370 GSM]

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