Choose Handloom Denim … Move FAST to SLOW-MADE

Now, you can SOURCE the World’s Finest Eco-friendly Selvedge DENIM fabric, right here in India …
If you have been wanting to make your move towards SLOW-MADE, SUSTAINABLE FASHION …


are stuck just because you could not find the right fabric to make those outfits which the MILLENNIALS would want to wear …..


Authentic Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

Denim Club brings to you an exclusive, unmatched range of premium, hand-woven, eco-friendly, sustainable selvedge denim fabric with some very special features …

  • 100% Cotton Yarn, spun out of good quality fibres
  • Nature-friendly & Skin-friendly Organic Dyes, Up-cycled from waste
  • Made without using any electrically operated / automated machinery
  • Made by people, by hand, not in factories

Preferred Choice of Designers & Brands

Across the globe, designers use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for making high-end luxury apparel and accessories, which makes it easy for them to stand out of the crowd and create their own special identity.

Our hand-woven denim fabric is – in fact – the only eco-friendly & sustainable option available to you and it comes with the following special characteristics which can not be matched by any other category of denim fabrics available in the market:

Lady Artisan Spinning Cotton Yarn by Hand on Charkha
  • 100% Cotton – no petrochemical based material blended at all
  • Organic Dyes – no harsh / hazardous chemical based dyes are used
  • Manual Artisanal Process – No electrically operated / automated machinery is used at any stage

Denim with Selvedge – Vintage & Premium

It goes without saying that our eco-friendly selvedge denim fabric is the preferred choice of designers for making luxury denim products which use selvedge detail, like selvedge cut jeans, and jackets.

Denim Club continues to be the market leader for all varieties of hand-woven selvedge denim fabrics.

Unlimited Options & Diverse Applications

We offer fabric in a wide range of options – to meet all your requirements:

  • Yarn : Hand-spun, Mill-spun, Mill-spun Slub
  • Weight : 150 to 400 GSM (4.5 to 13 Oz)
  • Width : 30 to 48 inches (75 to 120 cm)
  • Coloring : Un-dyed, Yard-dyed, fabric Dyed
  • Dyes : Up-cycled Organic, Vegetable, Azo-free Reactive

We can customize the fabric as per your specific requirement, for an MoQ as low as 200 meters.


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