Eco-friendly Organic Dyeing

Chemical-free dyes and eco-friendly dyeing are central to the whole thought of sustainability.

We use a wide variety of eco-friendly organic vegetable dyes, extracted from indigo plants, pomegranate rind, marigold petals, eucalyptus leaves, onion skins, madder roots, etc.

In most cases, the color is extracted from zero-value waste material, using the age-old method of fermentation, or by boiling the raw material in crushed state.

The yarn is dyed in hank form, manually, with minimal consumption of energy.

Why ORGANIC Dyeing?

Our skin comes in direct contact with the material used in the clothes that we wear. There are studies which confirmed that our skin absorbs toxins from the clothing and other textiles it comes in contact with. Most of the chemical-based dyes used for coloring textiles are known to be harmful, some are even carcinogenic.

Moreover, the process of producing chemical based dyes and the residual discharge of these dyes is established to be harmful for the environment.

Organic dyes – having their origin in natural raw materials – offer several advantages over synthetic (chemical based) dyes.

Organic dyes are :

  • bio-degradable
  • non-toxic
  • environment friendly

Being free from harmful chemicals, the products in which organic dyes are used are safe for the workers, the consumers, and the environment.

The shades and hues achieved with organic dyes are very soothing and pleasant to the eye.

The organic dyes we use are – in fact – good for not just the environment, but also for the wearer.

Eco-dyeing with Onion Skins

Raw Onion Skins

The dry skin of onion, Allium cepa, which is thrown away by everyone, all the time, is a rich source of natural dye, which has been used for dyeing textiles since times immemorial. It results in quite interesting and lovely hues and colors.

We collect onion skins from local eateries (dhaba) who, otherwise, throw away this wonderful and precious source of mesmerizing colors in to the dust-bins, and recycle this zero-value waste to create high-value eco-friendly textiles and fashion.

9 Oz Khadi Selvedge Denim - Rosy Brown - Organic Dye - Onion Skin

Fabric Made with Onion Skin Dye

Eco-dyeing with Pomegranate Rind

Found in abundance, all around, the the rind of pomegranate is an excellent source of strikingly pleasant colors – rich vibrant yellows, green-yellows and orange. The pomegranate dye is another examples of re-cycling the waste to create value.

Eco-dyeing with Indigo Plant

We extensively use natural indigo, to dye yarn as well as fabric, in a wide range of shades, from light to dark. The dyeing is done in a cold dye bath.

Eco-dyeing with Marigold Petals

Found in abundance, all around, the marigold flower petals are an excellent source of strikingly pleasant colors – rich vibrant yellows, green-yellows and orange. The marigold dye is one of the best examples of re-cycling the waste to create value.

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