About Us

Denim Club India is your final destination for sourcing eco-friendly & sustainable hand-woven selvedge denim fabric.

What We make?

Eco-friendly Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

We offer an unbelievable, unimaginable, and unrivalled, range of eco-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim fabrics, woven on traditional shuttle looms, without using any electrically operated machines in the entire process.

How We make?

Made By People, Not factories!

The entire process of making eco-friendly selvedge denim fabric is hand-based and is carried out without using electricity, or burning any other fuel. Yes, we do not deploy any electrically operated or automated machinery in the process of weaving denim on handlooms.

Our Story

Hand-made is Eco-friendly, By Default!

Though denim is the most popular fabric, across the globe, it also is one of the most polluting fabrics known to mankind. The industrial production process for denim is highly energy intensive, and consumes a lot of water and harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, hand-woven denim is, by default, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Denim Club took upon itself to develop an eco-friendly alternative to the industrially produced denim, by engaging traditional weavers in villages and training them for weaving denim on hand operated looms.

The journey has not been easy, but has been quite satisfying.



Made by People, By Hand!

It is quite difficult for people to believe that an entire production process can be run without using any electrically operated machines.

But … that is exactly how we do it.

These video films capture the true essence of how we work with hands, and make world’s finest eco-friendly selvedge denim fabrics.

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