Athleisure denim collection launched by Mavi
Mavi, has launched a new capsule collection for both men and women is available in denim shades of indigo, ink, smoke and black, introduces also new silhouettes and fits. The collection has been created using two different fabrics Move Denim and Bi-Stretch Denim.
Sustainable solutions shown by Jeanologia at BD Expo
The Spanish company Jeanologia, specialising in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textile and related industries, will be showing its latest sustainable innovation – Light PP Spray and its ‘zero pollution’ denim collection at the Bangladesh Denim Expo at Dhaka.
Denim Experts Join hands to Create “Rational Denim”

Archroma, Garmon, Lenzing and Royo have collaborated on a project to produce denim garments with the most efficient possible use of resources. The project, was presented at the recently concluded Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, focused on water savings from fiber to finish.

Archoma quoted a study that declared that 1.8 trillion liters of water are consumed monthly in the production of jeans. In order to try and save the most water and energy and reduce waste, Archroma used its Advanced Denim technology.

The Advanced Denim process requires only one impregnation of the yarn in the dyebath, using only a small volume of coloring liquor. The process also fixes 100 percent of the applied dye on the fiber, eliminating the need to consume more water washing off the unfixed dye. Advanced Denim allows water saving of approximately 90 percent compared to standard indigo dyeing applications.

Miguel Sanchez, Archroma head global business development, segment denim and casualwear, explained that the issue with the consumption of water is not only the waste, but also the pollution from the effluents that may contain different chemical species that might be even hazardous and require special water treatments.

He further added, “In general terms, brands and retailers have a limited view of what sustainability means. There is a  good focus either on the fiber selection and the finishing of the garments, or both, by most of them. But this is just a part of the whole thing.”

“With growing urbanization of our planet and lifestyle, we see consumers looking to connect back to nature and to do what is in their power to protect it.” He continued, “This is why Kingpins is proud to support Archroma, Garmon, Lenzing and Royo in a project that shows that sustainability is not a boundary, quite the opposite: it is a source of inspiration and desire for fashion with soul and care.” commented Andrew Olah, Kingpins founder and organizer.

True Religion launches (D)Hydrate Denim
True Religion released their new (D)Hydrate Denim line on the occasion of Earth Day. These new styles are greener and have a new innovative fabric treatment which uses lesser water, waste and energy, completing the sustainable story, the brand is using tags made out sustainable forest paper for the line.
Eat Dust Draws Inspiration from America’s Past for Fall ’16
Eat Dust, the Antwerp-based denim brand is premiering a Fall ’16 line which mixes the brand’s traditional, moto-inspired styles inspired by ’60s counterculture and the rugged, outdoorsy styles of the ‘70s film, The Deer Hunter.
Gujarat`s denim fabric production to rise by 30% in 4 years
Gujarat is set to further strengthen its position as the denim hub of India by adding approx 150 million meters per annum (mmpa) new manufacturing capacity by 2020. 4 to 5 new units are coming up at Ahmedabad and the Surat based firms are also expected to add capacity.
Lindex launches better denim made from sustainable cotton
Lindex is launching a spring campaign where sustainability in both material and process is in focus and a vast majority of all Lindex denim will be made from sustainable cotton and produced using more sustainable processes saving water, energy and chemicals.
Sequential Brands partners With ONE Jeanswear Group to Expand Distribution for William Rast
Sequential Brands Group, Inc. has entered into a long-term licensing agreement with ONE Jeanswear Group to develop a men’s and women’s jeanswear line and expand distribution for William Rast.The Fall 2016 line, to be previewed at PROJECT Las Vegas, is the first collaboration under the new partnership.
7 For All Mankind Introduces FOOLPROOF Denim
7 For All Mankind is launching FOOLPROOF, the first jean of its kind -- a jean that won’t change shape, regardless of daily wash or wear. FOOLPROOF denim has real value. Practical. Undeniable and represents the brand’s biggest launch since Luxe Performance and is meticulously designed with the everyday guy’s lifestyle in mind.
Skinny Jeans Named Biggest Marketing Trend of 2015
Skinny jeans was recently named the most-talked about trend of 2015 by the fashion retail analytics company Edited. The company has compiled a visual merchandising recap. Skinny jeans were not only the most mentioned trend by retailers, but were also their top moving item as well.
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The Member Center at Denim Club is your short-cut for direct access to a very large number of denim professionals and the gateway to a huge repository of knowledge and information relating to the denim industry. Join today to be a part of the global denim fraternity.
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Originally denim was 100% cotton. However, over the years, the use of polyester and spandex has been growing fast and given denim a completely different character. In this section, check out the companies specializing in making yarn for denim.
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Starting with natural indigo in its early avtaar, and dyeing with chemical indigo subsequently, it is the blue color of the warp yarns in denim, which is behind the global popularity of denim. We have listed the companies specializing in chemicals used fo
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The entire process of manufacturing of denim apparel can be divided into 3 main stages - fabric production, garmenting, and final washing and finishing of the garments. The process involves the use of generic as well as specific machines and equipment. Yo
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Denim, we all know, is nothing without the washes. The Denim industry, today, and for many decades now, has been thriving and growing on the strength of the special effects made possible by the washing and laundry operations. This section lists the washin
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Denim Jeans - the working class garment - has something about it which has fascinated the poor and the rich alike, and has survived fashion trends and technology changes for over a century. This section is a repository of well known brands from all across
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