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Hand-woven Selvedge Denim Fabric

We offer an unbelievable, unimaginable, and unrivalled, range of eco-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim fabrics, woven on traditional shuttle looms, without using any electrically operated machines in the entire process.

Our diverse range includes numerous combinations of yarn counts (6s to 30s), yarn type ( hand-spun, mill-spun regular, mill-spun slub), and dyes (vegetable/organic and reactive).

The fabric weight ranges from 4.5 to 13+ oz / sq yard (150 to 450 GSM), and is supplied in widths ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches (75 cm to 120 cm).

We also offer organic handloom selvedge denim and organic khadi selvedge denim {made from ORGANIC COTTON), on special requests.

Khadi Denim

Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

made from

100% Cotton Hand-spun Yarn

Handloom Denim

Hand-woven Selvedge Denim

made from

100% Cotton Mill-spun Yarn

Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly Denim Wallet

Eco-friendly Denim Necktie

Eco-denim Apparel

Eco-friendly Denim Shorts

Eco-friendly Denim Trousers

Eco-friendly Denim Shirts

Eco-friendly Denim Jeans

Eco-friendly Denim Dresses

Eco-friendly Denim Jackets

Eco-denim Home Furnishing

Eco-friendly Denim Cushion Covers

Eco-friendly Denim Table Mats

Eco-denim Accessories

Eco-friendly Denim Laptop Sleeves

Eco-friendly Denim Tote Bags

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