A jacket is a sure-shot formula to look elegant and smart. A jacket can be simply an ornamental piece of clothing, or can be a protective outer covering, or both.

By definition, a jacket is a mid-stomach-length garment for the upper body, typically with sleeves, and a collar, generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat.

The word jacket comes from the French word jaquette. It is perhaps safe to assume that it all started as cloth or fur wraps, turned into capes and cloaks, and then the over-gowns, eventually evolving into the coats and jackets we now see all around us.

Worn by both men and women, a jacket is perhaps one of the most important pieces of one’s wardrobe, and serves as a formal as well as a casual outer-wear.

There have been numerous styles and shapes of jackets – evolving with the passage of time, having originated during the Middle Ages as the jerkin – a fitted version of the erstwhile tunic wore by men.

The Jacket Collection

From the traditional to the trendiest, we have it all. Denim Club offers the widest range in eco-friendly denim jackets you can find anywhere!!!

We offer ready-to-wear and custom-made jackets, for both men and women, in four different style categories – Nehru Jacket, Trucker jacket, Waistcoat and Blazer.

All our jackets are made from our own premium eco-friendly hand-woven selvedge denim fabric – in both its variants – handloom denim and khadi denim.

Our jackets are a must for the millennials on the move!

Nehru Jacket

A refreshing blend of traditional and contemporary, Nehru Jacket is a very versatile piece of clothing in any wardrobe. A Nehru Jacket can be worn on formal occasions, and has also gained immense popularity as a casual wear in the recent years.

Trucker Jacket

One of the most popular items of clothing, the Trucker Jacket has been around for more than a 100 years, having started as basic work-wear, and evolving into a fashion staple. It’s adored and worn by one and all – men and women, young and old – across the globe.


A waistcoat – also known as a vest – is your best bet to look classy and sophisticated with minimal effort. A well-fitting waistcoat, worn over a dress shirt and necktie goes a long way in making your unique style statement and makes you stand out of the crowd.


Blazers are everywhere, everyone wears them, with dress shirts, as well as plain T-Shirts, with trousers as much as with jeans. Blazers are popular equally among men and women, to sharpen one’s looks and to be formal and casual with the same ease.

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