Handloom Denim

100% Cotton, Mill-spun, Hand-woven

Denim with a neat and clean Selvedge, and that too woven on handlooms, is a very unique proposition in today’s world.

Soft & Luxurious

Handloom Denim fabric has a very soft hand-feel, and very high breathability, making it very comfortable for the wearer.

Handloom Denim is woven out of mill-spun yarn, on manually operated wooden frame, floor mounted, foot-pedal handlooms, without using electrical machinery, and without burning any fuels.

Selvedge (Self-edge)

All our handloom (hand-woven) denim comes with a neat selvedge or self-edge.

The selvedge – which runs along both the edges of the fabric – is formed as a result of using a “shuttle” for inserting the weft yarn while weaving the fabric.

100% Cotton Yarn

The handloom denim fabric offered by us is made out of good quality cotton fibre. The fibre composition is 100% cotton.

We use different types of yarns – single ply, two ply, and slub yarn. The yarn counts range from 30s to 6s.

Fabric Width

We offer handloom selvedge denim fabric in a standard width of approx 40 inches (100 cm).

We can customize the fabric width, between 30 inches (75 cm) and 48 inches (120 cm), for specific requirements.

Fabric Weight (GSM)

The handloom denim fabric comes in different weights, ranging from 150 GSM to 400 GSM.

We categorize the fabrics based on the GSM into the following:

  • Light Weight
  • Medium Weight
  • Heavy Weight

Eco-friendly Dyes

We primarily use eco-friendly dyes for coloring the yarn or fabrics. Many of our dyes are up-cycled from organic waste material, like onion skins, marigold flower petals, pomegranate peels, etc.

We extensively use indigo dye, extracted from the indigo plants, to dye yarn or fabric.

In chemical dyes, we use AZO-FREE REACTIVE dyes.

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