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Denim fabric which has been woven on handlooms – manually operated weaving machines – is known as Handloom Denim, or hand-woven denim.

Handloom Denim is an artisanal product, and comes with a very soft hand-feel, quite unlike the industrially produced denim fabric.

Khadi Denim is a premium variant of hand-woven or handloom denim, made out of hand-spun yarn in the warp, or in weft, or in both warp and weft.

Khadi denim can not be woven on automatic or semi-automatic electrically driven looms.

Selvedge Denim is denim fabric woven on looms which use a “shuttle” for insertion of weft yarns, thereby forming a neat and clean edge on both ends of the fabric.

Selvedge denim can not be woven on the modern shuttle-less looms.

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