Khadi Selvedge Denim – 9.0 Oz – Earthy Yellow – Pomegranate Rind (Fabric Dyed)

Khadi Selvedge Denim – 9.0 Oz – Earthy Yellow – Pomegranate Rind (Fabric Dyed)

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Product code: MWKD-FBD-1010-EY-POM

100% Cotton Khadi Denim fabric with selvedge, approx. 9 oz / sq yard (300 GSM), most suitable for making khadi denim selvedge cut jeans, jackets, coats, shorts, capris, dresses, kimonos, trousers, and much more.

The fabric is woven out of 100% cotton, hand-spun yarns, in both warp and weft. The yarns are woven in undyed state, and the coloring is done after the fabric has been woven and taken off the loom. The dyeing of fabric is done with dye extracted from pomegranate rind, in a hot dye bath.

Soft hand-feel, rich texture and a deep dark color make this fabric stand apart.

Completely artisanal product, it can also be made using organic cotton yarn, on special requests.


Premium Eco-friendly, Hand-woven KHADI Selvedge Denim fabric, woven out of 100% cotton hand-spun yarn. The fabric is offered in a standard width of 40 inches (approx. 1 meter).

This is a completely artisanal fabric, woven by master crafts-persons on traditional wooden frame, hand & foot operated looms, without using electricity, at any stage of the process.

The fabric is hand-dyed with natural / vegetable dyes, extracted from pomegranate rind, in a light shade.

It has very high breathability, is friendly for the human skin, and very comfortable for the wearer, in all weathers.

This fabric is also available in the organic cotton variety, on specific requirement.



40 inches (100 cm)


9 Oz / Sq Yard (300 GSM)


Belts, Blazers, Capris, Coats, Cushion Covers, Dresses, Dressing Gowns, Jackets, Jeans, Pyjamas, Shorts, Tote Bags, Trousers, Wallets


Earthy Yellow


10s Hand-spun Cotton Yarn (Undyed)


10s Hand-spun Cotton Yarn (Undyed)


78 X 38

Dye Source

Pomegranate Rind

Dye Type

Natural / Organic / Vegetable Dye

Dyeing Method

Hot Dyeing

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